A few words About Dr. Koushik Lahiri

A Senior consulting Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon based in Kolkata, India.He can be consulted for any dermatological problems like Acne (Pimples), Allergy, Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma/Vitiligo, Scars, Pigmentation on face, Hair and Nail disorders, Cholesterol spots on eyelids, Wrinkles, Sexual problems etc.

Book Appoinment

Book Appoinment

Monday to Friday
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals/Apollo Gariahat Clinic - +918420986678, +91 33 2320 3040/2122
  • WIZDERM etc - +919433030178 (Please call between 11am to 6pm on any working day)
Saturday and Sunday
  • Burdwan - +919382198476 (Please call between 9am to 10am any day)


The Way its Done

Books by Dr. Lahiri

  • Chena tak ajana kotha
  • Taker tumi taker ami
  • Jukti takko & goppo
  • Muhurter Michil
  • Nisimanar bera
  • purono akar guli
  • Tak niye jhakmari
  • 100 cases of Dermatology
  • Pigmentary Disorders A Comprehensive Compendium Download
  • Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology Download
  • A Treatise on Topical Corticosteroids in Dermatology Download